Gnat Control Services in South Central PA

Did you know that gnats and mosquitoes are classified as the same species? Pests like these can be a nuisance from the beginning of Spring until the arrival of the hotter summer months in mid-to-late June. Fortunately, Mosquito Joe of South Central PA provides gnat repellent services, so you can return to enjoying your backyard swat-free!

What Attracts Gnats?

There are many things in your yard that can attract gnats and create breeding conditions for them. Gnats require two things in order to reproduce: moisture and rotting organic matter.
Here are a few things that may be attracting gnats to your yard:

  • Overwatering your lawn
  • Build-up of grass clippings
  • Rotten logs
  • Dead plants
  • Unremoved stumps

Gnat Life Cycle

Gnats will complete their life cycle in about 30 days. At dusk, the male gnats will swarm and mate with the female who has entered the swarm. The female gnat will then lay 300 eggs, for a total of 1,000 eggs during her lifetime.

“The typical gnats on your property are not a human health issue and more of a nuisance. However, you may experience an itching sensation if a large amount of them are present and the Eye Gnat can be quite bothersome.” Says our own David Price – Associate Certified Entomologist and Mosquito Joe Director of Technical Services. “However, by reducing areas in your yard that help them breed you’ll keep the population under control.”

Gnat Control Near Me

Mosquito Joe of South Central Pennsylvania can help you eliminate gnats from your yard. Gnats are attracted to moisture, fruits and vegetables, and decaying organic matter. Many of these can be found outdoors, near garbage cans, sewage systems, and even in your garden.
Here are some tips for those trouble areas around your home:

  • Place rotting fruit and vegetables in closed containers or bags in garbage cans and dispose of them as soon as possible
  • Let waterbeds dry between each watering of plants and gardens
  • Get rid of decaying organic matter such as leaves
  • Avoid using moss beds

Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with the tools necessary to rid your yard of annoying gnats and restore your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors. Call Mosquito Joe of South Central PA at 717-431-9126 today to receive a free estimate!