How Can Homeowner Associations Help Control Mosquitoes in their Neighborhood?

Senior Couple Walking Dog Along Suburban StreetAre you looking for an effective, easy and environmentally responsible way to get rid of mosquitoes? Look no further! At Mosquito Joe of South Central PA, we strive to make outside fun again for our local community and neighbors.

Live in a homeowner association community? We partner with various HOAs around Pennsylvania and even provide discounted rates to their residents. Our experience treating large residential and commercial properties infested with mosquitoes, gnats, midges, flies, fleas, and ticks gives us great confidence that we can make the outside enjoyable for everyone and give you greater protection against mosquito-borne diseases.

No matter what type of neighborhood community you live in, Mosquito Joe of South Central PA can help residents in fighting the bite through developing a community-wide initiative to reduce the mosquito populations in their neighborhood.

Are your neighbors complaining about mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas but are not yet ready to commit to a monthly service? At Mosquito Joe of South Central PA we strive to educate our community – here are a few tips you can share with you fellow neighbors:

Here are a few helpful tips to get your neighborhood involved:

  • Educate: Educate homeowners on how they can contribute to the fight against mosquitoes. Distributing educational materials to residents on how to identify and address areas of concern will help the battle. You can download free educational materials for your neighbors and community below.
  • Eliminate: Eliminate standing water from common areas and encourage your neighbors to do the same on their properties. Mosquitoes only need 1 tsp of water to breed. Elimination of anything holding water, or that could potentially hold water for 5 or more days should be removed or addressed.
  • Planned Community Days: You or your HOA can plan for neighborhood mosquito prevention days, focusing on the reduction of breeding sources in common areas and on residential properties. Spending some designated time throughout the year addressing standing water issues will benefit the community.
  • Reminders: Sending out reminders to residents or neighbors after extended periods of rain asking them to dump their water is another way to assist your homeowners.
  • Common Area Control: The use of clubhouses, pools, tennis courts and playgrounds are all hampered by the presence of mosquitoes. Designating a team of people to routinely inspect and dump water in these areas is important. At Mosquito Joe of South Central PA, we offer a free inspection and recommendation report for addressing identified problems found in all common areas.
  • Partnerships: Taking care of outdoor pests is a lot of work! Some homeowners may wish to add a further layer of protection by using a reputable mosquito control company, such as Mosquito Joe. Knowing how important mosquito control is, we offer discounted services to neighborhood associates and residents if a group of them sign up. When choosing a mosquito control partner, consider the following aspects:
    • How do they deal with pollinators and environmental factors? Mosquito Joe can use all-natural products when addressing pollinators and control treatment near waterways where other companies do not. Be sure to know your options.
    • How do they train their technicians? Technician training can vary greatly between companies. Ideally, they provide a lengthy classroom and hands-on training as well as team up new employees up with mentors. They should provide extensive training on product knowledge, mosquito biology and control, and environmental awareness to include pollinators. Mosquito Joe is part of a Pollinator Protection Program and an Environmental Stewardship program; additionally, all of the technicians specialize in mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas under our Certified Operator. We are fully licensed and insured as well.
    • Do they mix their products on-site? Mixing products on-site allows for an application to be tailored to each yard and results in optimal effectiveness since they aren’t being exposed to the sun all day long in a premixed tank. Rest assured – Mosquito Joe of South Central PA always mix on-site with pure water.

Additional Resources and Downloadable Educational Materials:

Mosquito Joe of South Central PA can assist communities with our professional services as well as provide excellent resources for residences to minimize pesky mosquitoes from ruining their neighborhood. We offer discounts to neighborhood groups that allow us to schedule their treatments at the same time.

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