Meet the South Central PA Mosquito Joe Team

Mosquito Joe of South Central PA Owner

Mosquito Joe of South Central PA owner and dog. Our franchise owner, Sherry, has always wanted to have her own business. She spent 20 years helping people through physical therapy and feels strongly that Mosquito Joe is the right choice for her. Mosquito Joe helps the community by helping kids and families be active and able to enjoy the outdoors. Mosquitoes were so prevalent in south central PA in 2017, she wasn’t able to spend any time outside or play with her puppies. She always got bitten by mosquitoes and had to come indoors. Sherry also likes the fact that Mosquito Joe’s service impacts ticks and fleas which protects her family and two dogs from these pesky bugs as well. She has personal experience with the amazing benefits of Mosquito Joe and is excited to bring this service to the community starting this season, 2018.

Mosquito Joe of South Central PA Technicians

Brandon (in green) joined Mosquito Joe of South Central PA in 2018 and is happy to help families enjoy their outside spaces again! When Brandon’s not spraying for mosquitoes, fleas or ticks, he is studying business in college. Brandon is also a black belt and an Eagle Scout! Brandon would love to karate chop those mosquitoes right out of your yard in the South Central Pa area.A picture of a Mosquito Joe of South Central PA technician in front of Mosquito Joe transit van.


Jon (in black) also joined the Mosquito Joe of South Central PA team in 2018. Jon is ready to

Jon in front of yellow Mosquito Joe fan - South Central PA.

eliminate outdoor pests at your home or business but when he isn’t getting rid of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, he is attending West Chester University studying business. For fun, Jon enjoys captaining his lacrosse team, fishing and playing golf; so he knows a thing or two about the outdoors. When you’re ready to be itch-free, Jon is your man!

Let’s welcome Noel (in green) to the Mosquito Joe of South Central PA team! Noel is trained and ready to get rid of mosquitoes at your home or business. When he’s not battling peskyMosquito Joe technician standing in front of a Mosquito Joe transit van. insects, he’ll be going to WVU in the fall to study business.  He enjoys playing golf and member of the golf team so he definitely knows what it’s like to be outside around mosquitoes. He also spends time enjoying water sports like jet skiing and swimming. Noel is excited to make your outside areas swat-free with the rest of the Mosquito Joe of South Central PA team.


Honorary Mosquito Joe of South Central PA Team Members

And here are two honorary members of the Mosquito Joe of South Central PA team, Bella & Lulu! A picture of the owner's two dogs wearing sunglasses and Mosquito Joe collars.